Sunday, October 11, 2015

Little Budda

So, a few weeks ago I thought Owen was a bit colicky. I now believe that the poor kid was just starving. When he was 6 weeks old I started to supplement with formula (just the free samples they gave me at my OB check up - said it was to help with gas and discomfort so I thought I'd give it a go if that was making him colicky...) and he downed them pretty fast. I bought some more of that kind of formula, and the more he got, the less fussy he was, and the more he poops. (I was also worried he wasn't having enough dirty diapers - yeah, that might be a result of not getting enough food!) So needless to say he's been eating up a ton and is filling out quite nicely - he's becoming quite the little Budda. 
Napping with Ethan after (and a little during) scriptures tonight. (We're headed to bed - it's only 9:30!!!)
So my milk is almost dried up cause now Owen isn't patient enough for my milk. The bottle serves it up without much work on his part. So that makes me a little sad cause I love the bonding time that nursing provides, but with him taking a bottle I have gotten some of my freedom back. So we'll see how it goes. One last thing - today we a good laugh out of him on video.
His best laugh was at the very beginning, and the rest of the time was all the other kids laughing at his big smiles (and I think they surprised/scared him a bit with their loud reactions to his laugh). But the kids were pretty excited, he's a cutie!
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