Saturday, June 10, 2017

Boondocks With Dad

The older kids (JoeMelEthanHyrumWesley) have been gone at our church's "youth conference" this weekend. Corey left for Seattle on Wed, JMEHW left for youth conf on Thursday, Corey came home late last night, and so we still had a day with just the younger half of the kids. So, Corey took them all out for a fun day with Dad. Really easy when it's just half of them, right? I stayed home with my little Daniel and Corey took Abi, Lily, Sophi, Natalie, and Owen. They left not knowing where their father would feel like going. But the car led them out to Draper for an afternoon of fun at Boondocks. (I keep typing that as "Bookdons")

I don't really know what went on, but we'll see what information we can gather from the pictures that Corey emailed me...
Everyone had fun playing miniature golf. That's always a kid pleaser...
Here's Abi having fun in the playground? Or is she too hot? Or is this a kiddie area and she's waiting for her little sibs to be done?
Doh, looks like Owen's done....
 Natalie did her oun hair. Hmm, she doesn't seem to be tall enough for this particular attraction. But perhaps making a cute face will soften the heart of the ride supervisor?
Oh dear, looks like it's Sophi that is too small for this one. She can't ride on the go carts....
Abi and Lily can though.
Lily, don't rub it in! No smiling or having fun, we've got a sad Sophi over here.
And now it's Natalie's turn to be sad. Looks like that is a roller skating carpet in the back ground. She wanted to skate more? Or have Corey carry her while he skated?
Owen's ready for a nap. Lucky Dad, his hand gets to be Owen's pillow.
And fun! Pizza for lunch! I guess they don't know that cheese is off the family menu if we're gonna avoid health problems. Just say no to animal products. But when I'm not there to enforce it, there might be a few slips.... Corey hasn't watched Forks Over Knives yet, I'll indoctrinate them over the weekend. ;) I guess we'll start being Vegan next week

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