Friday, June 30, 2017


This morning just before 8 am, I headed down to Lehi with Daniel to pick up three of my sweet nephews. My little brother Grant is moving to Texas, and today they were loading up the van. I can't help with that much cause of the little ones in my care, but I can take more little ones! So Taden, Edmund, and Eli came to play at our house for the day. After I got back home, I woke up Joseph, Ethan, Hyrum and Wesley, and sent them down to help load up the truck. I heard they were good helpers, and received a few pictures via text for proof. Good job, boys! Nice to be able to lend out their services.

Mel was gone at her flute forum again, so Abi was my helper here at home. She was very attentive to Eli. I think Eli was the one that threw us off the most - we kept doing double takes, cause he looked so much like Owen, but was smaller like Daniel, so we'd do double takes throughout the day - Is that Owen, no, Daniel? Oh yeah, ELI!" I took Owen and Eli on a walk - they could easily pass for siblings, and I'd say they could pass for twins! When I take Owen and Daniel on a walk, some people ask me if they are twins, to which I think "Are you kidding? They don't look a thing like each other!" But Owen and Eli, they really could be twins! With their big blue eyes and little blonde heads, super cute.
We take Owen on a walk every day, several times a day. I try to take the night shift after the temperature has cooled and the sun's gone down. This past week I've walked for like an hour as I listened to youtube videos on health. Daniel is usually out after one lap, Owen can take as many as 3 laps around the block. The kids have been joking that Owen is almost like a dog that needs to be taken on a walk every day. He loves it, and will cheer "WALK!!!" if we ask him if he wants to go. He'll put his little fists up in the air and run to the door. He loves going on walks. He's a walkaholic. aren't you, Owen?!
It's a little dangerous sometimes going on a walk with Daniel, cause he likes to pull himself up and grab Owen's hair.
I know I don't need to share 6 pictures to convey the gist of what walks are like, but Daniel looks so funny in these, I couldn't decide which one to post.
So I have to share all of them!
And Owen, look at that cute smile!! He's such a sweet little boy. My little almost two year old, I love you!
I actually think this one below is my favorite cause they're both smiling.
But I'll keep all 6 here anyway. I'm so grateful to have these two little boys in my life.

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