Sunday, June 4, 2017

Discovering the Word of Wisdom

Yesterday morning, I was sharing with Corey (and any kids that were in the room with us) some passages from the book "Discovering the Word of Wisdom" by Jane Birch that I got this week, it arrived in the mail on Tuesday. I highly recommend it!
I happened upon this book recently after my Healthy Habits challenge ended. I wanted to keep being accountable to a group of people or friends cause I think that really helps me stay focused. So, before starting my own group, I thought I'd check if there was another one on facebook that I could join. I found the Word of Wisdom Health Challenge. I joined it and it didn't end up being the accountable group I was looking for, but it did lead me to that book above, which I ordered on 5/22, which has opened up a world of knowledge for me. It talks about how a whole food plant based diet fits so well into the Lord's Word of Wisdom and has led me to researching and reading so much, I'm really excited about it! Here is their website that shares lots of great testimonials and stories

So I read it outloud to Corey, and Ethan was in the room listening too, and at one point, Corey and Ethan were fighting back a little against what I shared, I can't remember about which subject. I know what I was reading goes totally against the Standard American Diet (appropriately acronymed as SAD) of our Western culture and what is "normal" food for a normal life. But like I said, I'm getting excited about this stuff. I kept reading. Around 1:00 the home phone rang. I had a phone right next to me and went to answer it, but it had stopped ringing and didn't show anything on the caller ID. Oh well. Then I hear Corey pick up the phone. He was talking so someone, It forwarded to his cell for some reason. It does that occassionally if I don't answer, and sometimes it's weird and forwards even when I am ready to answer. Anyway, I asked him who it was. He said it was a sister in our ward who teaches awesome Sunday school classes. She called and asked Corey if he could substitute and teach the Gospel Doctrine class for her on the 18th. Fun! (Corey is an amazing teacher and really don't have many opportunities, but year ago when we were at BYU he was asked to teach a class on helping teachers be better teachers and I remember it was so good. I also think he'd be an awesome high school music teacher. Anyway...) So I was excited he's going to teach a class, I love seeing him in action. I asked "What is the topic?" Brief pause... "The Word of Wisdom..." I thought he was joking. "Are you Serious?!?!" Well how about that! We've been talking and I've been thinking about that the past few weeks already! Cool! So then Corey asked me to read to him a little bit more from my book, yeah! And I happily obliged, and he was reading it on his own a little bit today too. He's got two weeks to prepare and I'm going to send him lots of stuff. He'll do great and won't be as fanatic-y as I would be... I wondered if she would have asked me had I answered... I'm glad that Corey gets the chance to study this though and we'll see if we come to the same conclusion!

In other news, Ethan received his patriarchal blessing this evening at 5 pm. It was really great, the future is in good hands, (even if he can't be trusted with the baby...)

I'm so grateful that we have so many kids and that we get to listen in on the great blessings that are and will be given to them!

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