Thursday, June 8, 2017

Creative Lily

Lily is quite the creative genius. She is the girl version of Wesley and his imagination. He was always dressing up (cowboy) and playing games in costume (zoo keepers). Lily is his equal. These past few months, she's always coming up with games and leading her little sisters in how to properly prepare themselves for the activity. She's always ready and up for a game of picnic!
Of course there is strawberry shortcake (first picture here) which they've continued to play since November. The most recent game today was Star Wars, where Lily dressed Sophi up at Rey.
I helped with the hair, but they did that whole tp thing by themselves. Very resourceful.
Oh, and Lily is showing you that she lost another tooth in the pic above.
Here Sophi and Lily are playing My little Ponies - they had to turn sideways to show off their tails. Below is the often played princess game, here with Daniel as the current prince...
Another one - Beauty and the Beast. Lily got Natalie all dressed up as Belle in a yellow dress, but when it was time for the beast to proclaim his love, Natalie-Belle wanted nothing to do with him!
Also, this is one of my favorites - the Elf Girls. We have Lily and queen elf, Sophi as Fire Elf, and Natalie is Water and Ice Elf. The Elf games was actually started by Wesley two years ago. Wes and Hyrum are the ones that make most of the amazing crowns. But Lily helped with the outfits and ensemble. Cute girls, I love to see their creativity! Summer is off to a good start.

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