Friday, June 2, 2017

First Summer BBQ

Today we had a BBQ with some neighbors at their pool. It was Daniel's first time swimming, he loved it! This little boy is gonna have a blast at Park City.
This BBQ something our neighbors and Corey planned as a fun activity to have with our refugee friends. Weve been working together with the Powleys for the past year to help a sweet family from Burma, the father is Ler, the mom is December, and they have a little boy who is 8 named Paw Paw and a new baby boy (can't remember his name!) who was born the day after Daniel, on September 20th. We've been busy and haven't been out to teach them as much as we'd like this spring, so last time Corey was there, he asked them if they'd be up for a BBQ. They were in, so Corey did his usual Brazilian Rodizio. I wasn't eating as much meat as I have at BBQs in the past, due to my studying and pondering these past two weeks since Joseph brought JST Genesis 9:11 to our attention. I also ordered a new book on May 22nd called Discovering the Word of Wisdom. It just came on Tuesday, and so I've started reading that and studying the Word of Wisdom and what it says regarding diet. So I had a few bites of the steak, but was more sparing that I've been in the past. Going to keep trying to figure things out.
The kids had a great time swimming. I didn't join in the water fun today, cause I need a new swim suit (or I need to loose a few more pounds to fit into the really old one I have...)
Happy Baby Daniel! 
He's so cute. 
 Thanks for watching him, Mel!

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