Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Pirate Game

Hyrum and Wesley got all of their little sisters lost in a pirate game tonight.
They had armed conflict. They were searching for hidden treasure!
They were running around upstairs, downstairs, inside, outside... lost in game.
It was really cute to watch them play. Hyrum and Wes are great big brothers. I love to see them all play together.
Something else we did together tonight was watch episode one of "Mind Field" - a youtube series that we just happened upon (good job to it's advertisers, you got us to click it).

It was really good! We first watched all the trailers and then episode one. The kids were begging for more but we don't have YouTube Red, so we'll have to wait. Corey and Joseph went to Boston today for Joseph's pre-senior year and pre-LDS mission trip, and after they're back we'll re-watch episode one with them, and if they agree that it's a winner series, we'll sign up. :) I took this screen pic of all the mental emotions they'll be exploring, pretty interesting stuff!

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