Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Last Day!

Corey is in Seattle for two days. I took him to the airport at 5:45 this morning. Life is busy, Today was finally the official last day of school for our family. Wesley's last day was yesterday, the older kids were all out two weeks ago, but today Abi and Lily finished up and so now it's official. They had their dance party and the fire truck came and sprayed them all again just like last year. I was late getting there - I had my scripture study group at church and we went over again, so I was just wrapping up at noon when a friend said she'd clean up since she didn't have anyone in the dance party. To which I said "Oh yeah!! I gotta hurry and go to that!" I called Hyrum to see who wanted to go and told told them to get socks and shoes on. I went home and picked up Hyrum and his little friends. Wes and Sophi who all wanted to come, plus I got to bring Natalie and Owen and Daniel who get to come by the little kid default. I got there pretty late, like 12:20, but luckily for me I arrived just in time to be seen by Abi as she walked on the grass stage before her big dance. Yay! I shouted her name before her dance and she saw me - sweet! I get credit! "Confirmation of points received!" Abi is front and center with a light blue vest and orange headband.
The 2nd grade came out next, yay! Lily is all in pink. She had been practicing her dance a lot at home. You did great Lil!
So now Summer is really here! Time to head to the beach! Oh, it's a 12 hour drive? Umm... how about the beach in the backyard? That worked for them. Lily was the mom, Sophi and Natalie were the daughters, and I was the grandma. They are cute.
Owen is still enjoying the water table.
So glad the last day is here and that summer break is here. I still want the kids to be up and doing, but we'll maybe let them all sleep in for a few days and we'll start begin productive next week. I'd write more but I'm super tired, I think I'm ready to collapse. Will write more tomorrow, I need to catch up with posting pictures here. I have a few entries from April I need to do and I've only done about half of the days in May. I'll try to get on it soon. (Ok, I actually just finished this post on July 6th. So just about a month behind. Slowly but surely I'll get caught up!)

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