Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Like A Hawk

The younger kids have school for two more days - today and tomorrow. I've still been trying to get my older kids into making good use of their time and establishing productive summer habits. Today we tried a new approach with the "Blue Planner" - something reminiscent of my days as an LDS missionary. So each kid has their own blue planner for the week and keeps track of their time each hour of each day. Another approach we might try would be one planner with all of us on it for each day. I gave each kid a copy of the planner for their clipboard, and they are to write on it each half hour or hour to make sure they are using their time wisely and that the day doesn't just slip away. Most of the kids heard my instructions for the planner and what I wanted them to do. Except Ethan who had a hard time waking up, as usual.

At around 10:30, it was apparent we were going to need a little more encouragement to get kid #3 up and contributing to society. So instead of nagging him to get up or anyone to be productive, I started to just take pictures of each kid and what they were doing - I was gathering evidence to use during the evening reconciliation event when they would have the opportunity to report if they were good stewards of their time. I went to each room and took a picture of them, just to document so that when they reported at night to their father, I would have proof to the veracity of their statements. So, at 10:30, Hyurm was playing with Owen and Daniel, Ethan was sleeping on the floor in my room (where he went in to "watch" Daniel) Mel was filling out her planner, and Joseph was practicing piano.
15 minute later, and Ethan has moved and is now sleeping in a new location. Joeph still practicing, Melodie reading a book.
Hyrum is still outside playing with Owen. Which I do appreciate, but sometimes I think the kids use Owen as an excuse to not do their work.
11:00 - Hyrum still playing with Owen
Joseph folding laundry, Ethan still laying on his floor....
But when he saw me snapping a picture again, he blurried my photo by trying to hurry and get his head off the pillow...
"Oh, Hi, Hey Mom. Yeah... I'm just here folding my laundry..."
Mel practicing piano... Joseph, upon seeing Ethan sit up to work, is skeptical.. "Oh yeah, sure you were! You've just been in here folding the whole time!"
And finally, at 11:30 - we have success! Ethan is vertical (kinda) in a chair, studying for the Drivers Ed exam. He'd like to go get his driver's permit. Mel doesn't have her license yet, still practicing driving (and scaring me to death).
Mel and Hyrum are wrestling...

And that is where we're at. Taking pictures every 15 minutes was good to keep us all on target, but a bit disruptive to me keeping my work rhythm going. I'm hoping it will go better when I have everyone home. 

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