Monday, June 12, 2017


I've always enjoyed my Costco runs. These guys like going to Costco too. "Hooray! We get to leave the house today!" Yes, but for you kids it also entails begin stuck in the car for over an hour and half as we drive down and to the store, but I guess it's worth it. We drop Wes off at New Bop and then we go to the store. Usually just Costco, sometimes we'll sneak in a quick run into another store. These two little boys got lots of smiles at Costco last week, June 5th. It's easy to be a crowd pleaser when you're so gosh darn cute.
"If you love your little brother, give him a head hug! "
Today Daniel was the only child with me. I was really excited for today's grocery trip, because this shopping experience was going to be a whole new adventure. Today I was shopping with a new mindset and new way of life. This time, I wasn't restocking our usual weekly supply of Western diet foods - no 6 gallons of milk, no orange chicken, no steak, no gogurts or string cheese, no eggs... cause I'm not buying meat, eggs, or dairy any more! And I'm also not buying junk any more. So that's means: no sugar cereals, no graham crackers, no cookies, no muffins... Well, man... with all that stuff OFF of the list, what in the world could still be on the list? As my kids are thinking "What are we going to eat? Is there anything even left to eat!?"  Well, I didn't really know for sure the answer to that question, but I was excited to find out!

Well, I did know the answer: We're going to eat whole food and plants! And yes, that means no junk no bad stuff. What else does it mean? Well, I bought lots of fruit, lots of veggies, avocados, nuts... I haven't had a chance to sit down and figure out recipes, so we'll kinda be wingin' it with whole foods right now - apples, bananas, cut up some watermelon, get the grapes out, make ourselves a veggie tray with peanut butter or hummus. We're starting a new way of life kids, and it'll be fun!

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