Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Food Logistics

I just found out today that Stephanie Nielsen, who I've always admired, is a vegetarian! She just posted about it on the 15th! We're a little like them. Joseph ate just whatever meat wise while he was at BYU last week, taking advantage of what could be his last opportunity to pig out on all the taste bud addictions of the SAD - Standard American Diet. That was okay by me. Like Stephanie said about her and her husband: "We are not meat sticklers, I don't care who eats meat- including my children. If the Little Nies are at friends houses for a meal, or choose to go out with friends to dinner, they are free to choose what they eat- no judgment from Christian or I." I don't mind what the kids eat when they are on their own, that is their choice. But I don't buy that stuff, and we eat healthy here at home. So that was kinda neat to find out, I feel a little more supported in this new life of ours. Another thing that is helping is our new food and fridge arrangement.

When my mom came over on Saturday, she and my dad delivered a fridge. We already had two fridges in the garage, (so the one in the house, then two in the garage...) but our 3rd fridge doesn't work well. It used to be in the house, but it would freeze our produce. So we ordered this new one in Sep 2015 (I remember that date cause it was delivered on the day of Abi's baptism) We kept it in the garage for bread and other things that didn't matter if they got frozen or not. But now we have one that works, so I'm going to put the broken one on the classifieds and it will be gone soon.

So, I arranged it so that now we have a.... (drumroll) Vegetable fridge and a Fruit Fridge!
I feel like it's already helped me know what we need to buy when I went grocery shopping yesterday. And we also moved them against the wall, so we have a bit more room for the car doors to open without getting banged up.
I also spent time on Sunday going through my recipe book. There is a lot of stuff that I need to throw out. I don't think I'll buy or make salmon anymore. I mostly did it cause I thought it was a healthy meat option, and cause of course we needed a meat dish as the main meal at each dinner, right?
Yeah, that's what I used to think. But I haven't had salmon on our date nights anymore. I don't miss is that much. I like eating plant based more than I ever liked meat. I also threw out most all my egg recipes.
 And a snap shot of an old weekly menu from our previous life.
That is how we used to eat before June 2017. I'm excited to continue this new way of thinking about food and meals. I just need to sit down and plan out the menu like I did in that picture above. I can do it, now, going to do it soon. Meals feel much more simplified now and I know it will be easier. I just need life to slow down for a little bit so I can get on top of it!

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