Monday, June 26, 2017

Wesley is 12

I woke up early yesterday (well, early for a Sunday)... The kids had all put so much work into making Lily's birthday special, I wanted to do something for Wes. Abi had asked me to wake her up, so Abi and I made Wesley breakfast in bed.
It was a breakfast of blueberries, , and more blueberries! Cause Wes LOVES blueberries. Sometimes after my Costco run when he's at New Bop, I'll pick him up and I'll have a clam shell of blue berries and he and I will eat the whole thing on the drive home. :) So Wes ate his breakfast, got dressed, and then opened his presents.
Most everyone else was still in bed. Joseph dragged himself into Wesley's room to sing happy birthday to him. And we see little Natalie here, who is always up for a birthday party. She got up quick when she heard we were having cupcakes for breakfast (Ok, I'll buy one junk food think on birthdays).

One more cute picture from Saturday - Owen loves Wesley. Wesley was reading on Saturday and Owen got on his back and wouldn't let him leave or get up.
 And then Owen fell asleelp on him. "Mom, can you please take Owen!"
Wesley is such a patient big brother, Owen loves him so much. We all do. Happy birthday Wes!

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