Saturday, June 17, 2017

Boston Trip

Corey and Joseph returned from Boston last night. This is Joseph's last summer with us, since he will be leaving next summer to serve an LDS mission (!!! Do I really have a kid that old!?!?) We've been counting down to Joseph's mission for the past few years, cause when he leaves the nest, it's the beginning of the end. Our kids will never all be home again, cause after Joseph leaves, Mel and Ethan will leave before he gets back home in two years, there will always be someone gone, it will never be the same! I'm gonna miss this life, it's been so fun. I'm going to try and savor every moment this last year with all my chicks at home.

So I had dreams of spending last summer doing an American history tour as a family, and then this summer doing a church history something. But we didn't do anything last summer (well I was in the last trimester with Daniel) and we haven't done anything this summer as a family... but it's hard to whole whole family things. Logistics and cost and the little ones need naps and diaper changes... But Joseph and Corey, they could go do a trip no problem. So with some skymiles on the credit card and an open weekend, these two took off for Boston to do a little bit of college campus tours and hit some amazing American history sites.
I'm totally jealous, cause I've never been to Boston, but I know more about it than these two do, if you talk about text book knowledge. Anyway, I'll get there someday, hopefully in the fall. As for Corey and Joseph, here are a few pictures of their adventure. MIT below~

I'm googling to try and find out what these places are, but I don't really know any of these places. Corey did say they tried out a pretty sweet veggie sandwich at a place called Clover. He said I would have liked it.
Berklee College of Music...
I know they walked the Freedom Trail, so I think this is the Old State House here behind Joseph...
It is also a museum on the Freedom Trail and also the site of the Boston Massacre.

Don't know what this is....
A few more random pics~

Hope you had a good time on your Pre-Senior Year Trip, Joseph! You've got a big year coming up, we're excited for what the future has in store for you.

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