Saturday, July 29, 2017

2 AM and Not So Content

It's two weeks later, but here I am again. This time there are a few differences:
- it's a bit earlier in the morning
- Owen is sick
- and I'm not feeling all that content about my lack of sleep.
- I'm also not doing the dishes cause Corey already cleaned up the kitchen last night ("Thanks Honey...")

Owen is having a bowl of his new favorite cereal, Annie's Homegrown Berry Bunnies cereal with rice milk.
He's still being sweet. It's no fun to feel miserable, huh buddy! I'm glad Owen doesn't have a problem with the new non-dairy beverage on his cereal. Owen is eating cereal right now as a reward for taking his medicine. He has a bit of a fever. He doesn't like medicine and has often spit it out  I was really grateful he swallowed it down, and his open mouth cry also helped. He and Daniel have been sick this week. Daniel had a fever one day and that was it, hopefully this will be Owen's only turn. But they've both had major runny noses and boogery eyes. Daniel's poor nose is really raw and sore from us wiping it so much.

So I'm standing here, and my eyes are so tired. I've been up several times during the night every night this week with these two sick boys. It hasn't messed up with my morning walks, but after 6 days I'm really tired. I was hoping to go to the temple this morning but now I'm pretty sure that I'm not going get up for that alarm in three hours. Kinda bummed about that, but I really don't like to go to the temple when I'm exhausted. Makes it hard to pay attention.

It's still been a great week with the kids all working so hard, they've almost been working as hard as Corey and I do. Today is their last day for points. Last night we went over their current totals and they'd all have to do a lot to make it, but Corey was happy with how hard they've worked, so he made a deal that if they get as high or higher as their highest points day this week, he'll call it good and they'll earn their day pass. Wes asked me to wake him up at 5 so he could get started. I told him I could wake him up before I went to the temple if I made it awake in time for that, but with this mid-night interruption, it's going to be later, and that's okay. Sometimes you have to roll with it.

It's almost 3 am, I'm going to try to get him to go to bed.  Maybe he'll lay down in his bed, but I'll most likely be spending the rest of the night on the floor. He was so noisy before we came down, I'm kinda nervous to go back up into our room. I really hope he doesn't wake up Daniel... wish me luck.

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