Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Playing School

Lily recently found my secret purse where I kept the colored pens hidden. She and Sophi have been carrying them around and coloring up a storm. And if you really want to draw well, then of course you need a teacher! And thus came about the "school" game they have been playing for the past few days. Today Lily was the teacher ~
Sophi and Natalie are her good students. Do you like their desks? Lily's using a rubbermaid lid, the rest of them took all the magnet boards off of the bedroom walls, which makes the nails loose and the nail holes big as they try to wiggle them off and now the boards won't hang up anymore... these silly things that concern a mother!)
And Hyrum (he's such a good big brother) played along with them, but he found it most fun to play the bad kid who doesn't know how to draw well and doesn't pay attention in class.
He wasted a LOT of paper being the kid who couldn't draw... which also made the mother in me slightly irritated and shaking my head, trying not to ruin their fun with my annoyances. What is my deal with paper getting wasted? Do I just need to get over it? Or is it just a mom thing that will always bug me? So Hyrum would scribble on the paper some sloppy thing as he pretended to not be able to spell, then he'd crumble it up or toss it aside and do it again on a new sheet. I seriously need to hide the white paper from these little artists.  Natalie taping her work on the wall - up on her cute tippy toes
Tape is another thing I have to hide away. When I hear the tape being pulled out with a quick and big tear as the kids pull a piece the length of their arms, it makes me jump up from whatever I'm doing and come grab the tape and hide it away. We never have any paper when we actually need to print something, or tape when I need to tape something. Hence why I TRY to have secret stashes of these school supplies, sigh, kids...) But I usually have to look through each paper to find the treasures... cause the treasures are awesome. Overall I'm glad for how creative they are and I like to see them play and see the things they make, and I hope we don't kill too many trees in the process.

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