Thursday, July 20, 2017

Girls' Camp

Mel got home from Girls' Camp today. I'm assuming she had a great time, cause she's been asleep since she arrived. So that means she stayed up late having fun, right? :) A few pictures ~
Mel and all her friends. Mel's right in the center. She probably won't like me sharing that picture, oh well. Out on the lake - Mel on the left in the red shirt?
And here's the back of Mel's head - blue shirt.
It's nice to have her home. I've been showing her all our baby caterpillars that we started gathering on Monday. We've got 20+ that have hatched, but I'm not going to stress about counting and finding them all until they get big enough that we can see them without zooming in at the max% with my phone.
But if we did try to count them, there would be 23. They're so tiny, its' amazing. I do feel that they are safer her inside than they would be outside. I found so many spiders and bugs on the milkweed - I'm telling myself that the baby caterpillars would have all become a light afternoon snack if we had left them out there. Lots of baby bugs.

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