Monday, July 3, 2017

Great Friends and Good Fun

Some of our dear friends from high school and college came over tonight. Jeff and Amber Dahl from Oregon were in Utah for a reunion and stopped by to say hi with their cute kids. It was a party! We had dinner, I think I had plenty of food and I gave them a heads up that we've gone whole food plant based, but Corey's not used to it yet and felt that they'd be expecting more, so he went to the store and got more. He got steak and grilled up the meat, despite my request that we do a whole food thing. I'll let it slide, I guess, and say we're still in transition. Corey teased and said he's just a social drinker/meat-eater. I'm not tempted by meat, I've given it up. But I did have some of the Red Button Cotton Candy ice cream. I was surprised by how good it was, but given that it was cotton candy flavor, my expectations weren't all that high. Jeff's parent's joined us.
We ate, we played, and the kids performed. We had karaoke and dancing and it was just good clean family fun.
Natalie was the star of the show here ~

All the kids had a turn singing a song. Then we figured we had been blasting music for long enough and we headed inside, where it was more videos and singing - it was the funniest thing - we had the Moana videos playing on the screen, but had the Karaoke hooked up so it was Sophi's voice for "You're Welcome" - she sang it really well and it was so hilarious! Then we were crying with laughter again as Natalie sang "Shiny" and we pictured the big bad deep voiced male crab singing in Natalie's adorable 3 year old voice, it was so funny. We've got to try and do a repeat someday and get a video of it, it was seriously the best. I think it was the highlight of the evening for everyone. Good times, it was such a fun evening, it's great to be with good friends and our family.

The bishop of our ward said something yesterday at church that I really liked - "It's hard to raise parents. We're grateful for our children who bear with us." Melodie's little accident this past Friday, that is an experience to help raise me into a good parent. My friends who buried their little boy five days ago? That is to help raise them into good parents. Parents who will be ready for anything that eternity can throw at them. This life is just a trial run, letting us prove what we're made of, so that we can be trusted with all that the Father has in the world to come. So yeah, I really loved that thought. I'm not raising my children into parents, they are the delightful way that God is using to raise me into a Heavenly Parent in some eon in the future. Pretty cool to think about it - being like our Father in Heaven - creating life and teaching our children and enjoying each other's company- that is what it's about.

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