Saturday, July 1, 2017

Fender Bender and Food

Yesterday Melodie was in a small car accident. She was with Corey's dad, cause on Monday I decided I don't want to drive with her ever again (no offense, Mel). She wanted to go to a friends' house up by Churchill, I said I'd take her, then she asked if she could drive. I said yes through clenched teeth. As we were driving down the street and coming up to a stop light, I noticed the light turn from green to yellow and said "It's yellow..." and she kept driving. "It's red..." and she kept driving. "IT'S RED!" I said as she kept driving toward it without slowing down. "BRAKE!BRAKE!BRAKE!!!!!" And then she slammed on the brakes and we stopped just a little bit into the intersection. I looked at her speechless... "I'm sorry! You scared me!" "Well YOU scared ME!! I didn't mean to scream, but what were you THINKING?!?!?" "I don't know, sorry!" Oh my goodness Mel, YOU are driving the vehicle! You have GOT to get your head in the game here or you can't be behind the wheel!!! So that was Monday. I try to not tell her where to turn or what to do but she just doesn't know, it hasn't clicked, and it elevates my stress level considerably to be in the car with her. Ugh. So, I told her to drive with Dad or to call Grandpa, cause some time ago, he expressed willingness to take her out to practice. So, she had a flute forum this week, and I guess during her lunch break she arranged for them to go drive. She didn't merge correctly and bumped into another car. The lady couldn't be late for work so they exchanged numbers. Corey's been on the phone with insurance and ugh, I'm not excited about this. Pricey too. The lady called and said $1900 should fix it. Mel says she gets it now and was surprised that such a little bump could cost almost $2K. Yes, Melodie. Cars are a big kid toy. Cars cost lots of $, and it costs $ to fix them, and insure them and you need to have your head in the game to drive them. Last night, with $ and raising children fresh on our minds, we enjoyed a nice date night at Blue Lemon. Lily came along for her birthday date - Here she is enjoying mac and cheese, and she shared a bite of her sugar cookie with me.
Corey and I talked a little bit during the date (and also took a walk after we got home) about children and living by ideals or reality... (a rare photo of me looking serious as we talked about all our worries and concerns...)
We discussed how we've been living by our optimistic ideals for a long time (him with business and me with childbearing)... He says it's probably time to ease up on our ideals and start dealing with reality. So we'll see where that leads us...

One other thing on my mind, I'm on the lookout for new fall back meals, since most all of our ol' standbys (aka orange chicken) are no longer options on our aspiring to be whole food and plant based household dinner menu. So a neighbor mentioned that stir fry is one of her kids favorite veggie meals. For our past occasional stir frys, I used the frozen "stir fry" veggies. She said you gotta go fresh. So can do that! On Wednesday, I had a bag of french beans from Costco that I hadn't noticed was already going bad, thus needed to be used pronto. I gave it a good rinse and threw out the bad beans and yay, hooray for stir fry!
The kids ate it up - and that's a lot of veggies to eat up and a lot of fiber that will hopefully keep these tummies full until bedtime. And can I just say, I loved making this! I loved adding a different vegetable with a different color~ yellow squash, brown mushrooms, orange carrots, red peppers, and when I threw on handful of the purple colored cabbage I was totally beaming. It was so fun to make. Truly these natural foods are made to be attractive to us! Mother earth wants us to eat them, this is real food. I loved it. It was such a hit on Wednesday that we did stir fry again tonight.
Lots of the same veggies (still loved the purple color!) but the french beans were gone, this time we added cauliflower and tofu. The kids were pretty brave and each tried the tofu. Abi and Wesley tried to encourage Joseph, who very grudgingly tolerates legumes. They told him "It's not bad, it doesn't even taste like anything!" To which he quickly replied "If it doesn't taste like anything, then what's the point in eating it?" Touché Joseph, a point well played. You are excused from eating the tofu (Daniel helped Joseph out, Daniel likes it!) I was/am just really happy to have such a big veggie meal that the kids like so I don't have to try to eat all the veggies myself! Many times during grocery errands I get excited (or haven't planned out meals) and buy too many vegetables and can't get it all served before it turns bad. I'm happy that I've got a great fall back meal now and hopefully less veggies will be thrown away.

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