Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sleepy Hollow Again

Last night Hyrum and Abi made another family activity happen. They were cutting it close getting their points stuff done, but they really wanted to take another trip down to the Sleepy Hollow. Corey had taken the younger kids to a park that was close by it, so the older kids finished up a few tasks and then we went. It was getting late and the sun would be setting soon, but we had about an hour in the gully. Owen liked the water ~
The older kids walked up the stream. Owen wanted to follow their lead, but we took him out and had him come up the trail with us.
I dare say that a little stream like this could manage to fill the gap left in our lives by not having a beach close by anymore (we miss Playa Conchal, Flamingo, Tamarindo... the kids want to go back to Costa Rica). All you need is a place to build castles and throw dirt/rocks. So we don't have an ocean, but we can use this! It's got sand and water and that's all kids need for their imagination to kick start.
Owen loved throwing the little rocks into the stream. I remember when we lived in Virginia years ago, I took Hyrum on a one on one, and what did that 3 year old want to do? Go throw "rockets" from a little bridge into a small stream. So we did, and I loved it. These little kids don't need much, we just need to get rid of so much excess and take a walk out into the natural world around us. Practically in our own backyard. It was a beautiful simple family activity, and I really can't believe that it's so close. We've lived here for over 6 years, I've jogged or walked past here for years but I just found out about this little secret place. Sure, it was a slippery hike down the sandy trail for the little people, but that's ok, a little workout never hurt anyone (I got my heart rate up giving Natalie a piggy back ride back up the hill) (she didn't bring shoes, great!) I didn't time it but it couldn't have been more than 15 min up or down. I think this place is a winner and we'll be coming back often.
The kids have plans to bring folding chairs with reading books ("we'll study if we can go!") and more probable plans for making a fairy city - perhaps with clay or legos? We'll see what they're cooking up in those creative noggins. 

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