Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Toddler Schedule

Owen is a cute kid. I think he likes routines. His summer schedule has looked a lot like his school year schedule.
Mornings for Owen are also a pretty simple and happy. First, greet him with your arms stretched out as you say "OWEN!!! How are you?!" To which he'll reply "Good".
Give him a kiss and pick him up with his binki and blankets and take him downstairs.
Once he sees the kitchen bar, he will pull off his binki and throw it and his blankets on the floor. Cause it's time to eat! The tradition of discarding the binki and blanket began a few months back when I'd set him down for meals in his high chair and would consistently unclip his binki and put it and his blankets close by on a stool. This was a preemptive move I did with foresight to keep them clean (cleaner), so that he wouldn't get his sticky hands on his blankets of binki strap, cause goodness knows I do not want to have him going down for a nap or to bed only to find I forgot to put his freshly washed blankets in the dryer. Best to keep them clean at all times. So then I put him on the high stool and give him a bowl of cereal. He eats a few bites, drinks all the ricemilk, then asks me to top off his cereal with "More!" Often he'll say "more" just like Mr Bumble in Oliver Twist (1:03) which I think the kids only know because of Studio C (though I can't remember what sketch it was in)... 

So, after breakfast, Owen likes to kick it back and watch some Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. If anyone else is in the room with him, Owen will often pat the chair spot next to him as he instructs a sibling to come sit by him.
"That's good Joseph. Oh, this is a good part... They're probably going to sing a song again."
Owen likes PBS Kids. Thankfully he'll watch anything, even our history or nature programs, cause most of us have a hard time watching Splash and Bubbles, Sid the Science Kid, and Thomas the Train. We tolerate Curious George and Sesame Street. The older kids like Wild Kratts and Odd Squad. Owen never minds it if we change it to BYUtv for Studio C either. He just likes spending time chillaxing with us.
He's a cute little guy. Wesley is usually his tv companion of choice. Wesley just saw me typing this and pointed out that in those pictures of Owen and Joseph, Owen kinda doesn't even notice Joseph is there. But when Wes is with him, Owen will snuggle up to him and lay his head on him. Well, Wes, no one would deny that you are Owen's favorite. Many times Wes will rock Owen to sleep in the chair as they watch tv. Often Wes or Owen want to rock him to sleep, but if it's dark outside there is no need cause Owen goes to sleep so easily at night, it's a huge blessing (first kid to be like this!) You just have follow four simple steps: Turn off the light, turn on the fan, give him his blankets, and give him his binki. If those four simple requirements are met, he will lay down and play with his blanket tags as he softly drift off to sleep. Beware the soul who dares put him to sleep without his binki or blanket!

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