Friday, July 14, 2017

Kid Lunch Date

Yesterday I told the kids that if they helped me clean the house, including the basement, I would take them to Chuck A Rama. The original plan was "Let's finish by 5 and we'll go for dinner tonight." Abi didn't think that was possible. Ok, as soon as we're done, we'll go. That seemed more doable. Abi told me I should go to the temple, and they would clean while I was gone. That plan worked pretty well - Abi was a hard worker while I was gone and Sophi was her shadow. But it wasn't worthy of Chuck A Rama reward. We had to get more kids involved if we were going to make it to the buffet. So we kept at it the rest of the evening. Mel finally kicked it in gear last night and really helped the basement progress come along. Lily didn't do jack just because she couldn't get in the cleaning mode, and Joseph didn't do anything cleaning-wise, although he did watch the kids so I could go to the temple. That was really nice Joseph, Thank you.

So, last night I told Joseph and Lily they could also come to Chuck a Rama with us if they cleaned this morning. The two of them didn't work as hard as they should have or as hard and Abi had, but since Abi had earned it and she really wanted to go today, we went. She was cleaning again this morning. So, we picked up the front room, Abi did the kitchen, then we all did my bedroom and we called it good. Lily still didn't do enough to earn her lunch, but we let her come anyway. The kids enjoyed the lunch out with me. I toyed with the idea of dropping them off and running to Costco with Owen and Daniel while the rest of them ate, but Abi wanted me to come. (She's the one that makes family activities happen around here, thank you Abi). So I ate a SAD Vegitarian meal (let myself have some cake and ice cream) and it was a feast for all. I think Daniel's favorite part was a big square of rice krispy. He dropped utensils and crumbs all over the floor, we left a big tip, and we let him take his rice krispy home. He fell asleep with it in his hand on the drive home. He was pretty sticky and messy. And looked stuffed from the feast - properly showing how I think all the kids felt.

Natalie was freaking out cause she wanted to go to Carl's Jr. to play on the slide. The feisty fours are here for a year.

In other EXCITING news!! I have been a bit behind in the Killers stuff - I just found out today they have a new album coming out in September!! We listened to "The Man" on our way to lunch today, I like it. Jammed to it in the car on the way to the airport to pick up Corey tonight and I told him the fun news - a new song from the Killers! I shall be pre ordering the album soon - Wonderful Wonderful. And Imagine Dragons just released an album last month! Gotta get that one too, I'm excited to have new music to listen to for this upcoming winter treadmill season. :)

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