Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tour Hangover

Ethan, Hyrum, and Wesley left a week ago for the 2017 Band Tour to California. I took a picture of them before they left...
...and then we hardly heard from them until they were back on Sunday night. I think they had a really good time. They didn't send me any photos so I had to snoop around for these on facebook.
Playing by the ocean
They had two days at Disneyland. They got to perform there. 
Riding on Pirates of the Carribean above, Eth on splash mountain below.
Disneyland is always a magical place.
I can't find any pictures of Wesley yet, I shall have to snoop some more or see if they got any on their phones.

Of course, now life is no fun again cause it's back to reality, (if summer break can be considered a harsh reality?) "My parents make me get up at 8:30! 8:30!!! Oh the injustice!" The boys got home late Sunday night, but we didn't got to bed any later than usual. Though I don't know how well they slept on the bus or during their partying the past few days... Wes looked pretty wiped out when Monday afternoon rolled around and took a nap from 3-5. Hyrum was back to work and seemed okay. Poor Ethan had a major hangover. He got up at 9:30 on Monday, watched "The Flash" til noon, then went back to bed until 5:30. He just wanted to be back on tour. There is nothing to look forward to anymore. ...Nothing! Yesterday was slightly less pathetic. Today an improvement again. So I'm sorry you boys aren't on vacation anymore. I know life at home can't beat life on vacation that someone else paid (us) and spending someone else's money (ours) on food and fun, but you better kick it in gear if you want to go next year, cause so far I'm not all that impressed with the fruit of our sacrifice on this end. I'm glad you guys performed well and I'm pleased with your musical skills, but please try to be contributing members here at home too!

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