Wednesday, July 12, 2017

House Repairs

Our small garage stopped opening sometime around the beginning of June (End of May? I'm not sure... I didn't write it down.) But we've been leaving one car parked outside in the hot summer weather. I'd try to keep it locked up tight with a fear that the kids would open it and play in it and someone would get locked inside on a hot day. Sometimes I parked in the street in the shade. With Corey gone this week, I didn't do my Costco run and we used the food we had, so with that extra $ in the bank, I finally got the garage fixed! I'm feeling very thankful for what I so easily took for granted the many years before it broke. It was nice to come home today and go into the garage! It's the little things.
Should we someday buy this home, there are lots of repairs and remodeling we'd like to do. I'd like to replace the sandstone exterior. To put it nicecly, it's not my favorite. I'm glad we're at the end of a dead end street where we can pretend that most people don't see it. We really need a new deck banister in the front yard - it's a miracle it hasn't fallen over yet, it's barely hanging on. It remember it barely hanging on last year at Wesley's birthday water fight when the action moved into the front yard (pic 16) and kids were climbing over and through it. That was when I said "Waterfight is over! Come get some pizza!" (that was a close one!) So that needs to be repaired, but I'd really rather get rid of the wood altogether and figure out something that would last longer. Our wood log mailbox needs to be replaced too. We need a bigger dining table (we don't all fit around my DIY anymore... haven't for a few years!) What else... I'm still looking for inspiration for the huge wall in our front room. Plus there's finishing the basement. Lots of dreams for this place.

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