Monday, July 24, 2017

Park City Challenge

Over the weekend, Corey made a list of things he would like the children to do.
Then he asked each of them to tell him which of those things they felt they were doable for them to complete on a daily basis.
He then tallied up each square to be worth one point each and then issued them a challenge, that if they did those things each day this coming week, then he would buy them a day pass at Park City (for the alpine slide and zip line and such) when we go up for the annual Wride Retreat next week. So each kid has to reach a total of 110 points. Today was day one. And wow, what a day it was! (Well, Hyrum always does an awesome job cleaning the kitchen...)
They were up and doing all day, it was awesome. We're always trying new things, and whenever Corey is involved it's especially great, and I'm super excited about this. All the kids felt like it was a great day too. Corey and I were not nagging yet they were still all up and moving and working and practicing music and reading, amazing! It has been my dream come true perfect summer day so far today.
To make the day even more incredible, I loved that Corey even got up at 6 this morning and went on a walk with me! Yes, it was my ideal day. And for the cherry on top - Corey offered (not originally on the points chart) to give a point to each kid who sat still and upright (!!!) and quietly during scripture study tonight. I didn't even get any requests to rub back as I read, wowzers - the quest for Park City points worked better than our old standby to combat complaining and interruptions. I think I could get used to this.
I think the only problem is that we just started this the week before Park City, we should have done it the whole month of July or the whole summer, so that's my mental note for next summer! Although, downside is that this week is going to be so incredibly awesome, that I know I'm going to go into major summer withdrawal when school starts next month (noooooo....) I can already feel the "I wish my kids all homeschooled" depression settling over me.

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