Saturday, January 20, 2018

Roof Restaurant & First Big Snow Storm

Tonight we took Joseph out for his belated birthday dinner. This is a tradition we started last year. Last year we took Ethan to the Roof for his date, and it was there that we set up the policy that each kid would be able to go to the Roof Restaurant one time during their life at home with us and on our dime. Joseph didn't go to the Roof Restaurant for this birthday dinner date last year, and since this is Joseph's last birthday with us, this was his last chance to go.
We enjoyed a lovely meal and Corey and I shared about how proud we are of Joseph and everything he's done. There's not much left for us to teach him, so we know that means it's about time for him to fly the nest and launch into his bright future. We're excited for ya Joseph! Here was my view during our dinner, I love these two.
Their view of me, I had the better view with the windows outside, they just had the pictures on the wall.
Time for the traditional photo with the temple behind us.
That beautiful temple is where Joseph's story began, cause that's where Corey and I got married. Here we are almost 19 year later (Yes, he was born before our first anniversary... and life haven't slowed down since!) Seems like just yesterday. Same with memories of our little Joseph. Can't believe he's 18!
Well, that dinner tonight was definitely the highlight of the day. The other kinda big news is that we finally got snow. This morning I was able to look out over our little balcony to see how much snow there was, always a nice feature.
This balcony railing measurement lets me know if I need to get up and shovel before Mel goes to GMS or not. She wanted to take the car today, but we said not if it snows. But this snow means that I still need to get out of bed and clear the driveway so I can take her to the bus. Since I was up and awake, I decided to test the roads and try to go to the temple. I went to the Draper temple, which is up on a hill with some steep roads, or they seemed pretty steep in the snow. It hadn't been plowed, I almost thought I wouldn't make it, but I did. Not many other people did though, it was pretty quiet. I just did initiatories and had the booth and the workers to myself. I was grateful to see the roads had been plowed by the time I was done. That made it much better to drive in. The kids had fun sledding. Finally they can go sledding in the tree farm! Abi wore a hat, but her hair wasn't tucked in her coat, so she had nice balls of snow stuck in it. She came in to tell us she was back, and we both laughed and I told her to turn around.
Her shirt was totally drenched too.
I am not a skier, or atleast don't have/make the time to be a skier yet (I will someday) so I don't mind these snow sparce winters and clear roads, I think it's been nice. But I'm glad for these kids that they finally have some snow to work in.
They had a lot of wet fun outside. It was a good Saturday.

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