Friday, January 12, 2018

Do Good

Yesterday, I invited the children that wanted to, to miss some of school and join me in attending the viewing for President Monson.

The viewing went from 9 a.m to 8 pm. I knew the evening would be busy, so I made plans to go in the morning. We attempted to leave at 8:30, and we were an hour behind. We were downtown and parking at 10:17. I wasn't sure how many hours to pay for. I assumed it would be less than an hour, but wasn't sure... I took a gamble and paid for an hour and we went in. Note to self, you've got till 11:17. The Conference Center with flag at half mast.
Yes, Natalie dressed herself (see her socks and shoes) and since we were already running late, we didn't bother trying to find Daniel's shoes. And look at his little smile!!!!
For some reason I was thinking the viewing would be near the pulpit in the big conference center, so it took me by surprise when, instead of turning the corner into the grand hall, I realized we were there - There was our dear prophet before us. The viewing was in the hall where there are portraits of all the past presidents. I held up Natalie to see and told her that was President Monson. He's gone to heaven. What a good man. God rest his soul. As his daughter said in the funeral today, quoting him when he pointed to a picture of himself in the Ensign magazine... "Hey, I know that fellow. He did the best he could..." We love you President Monson, you did a wonderful job by me, you have blessed my life. And the lives of many people in my ward, according to their own accounts in our last testimony meeting at church. We will miss him.
I took Ethan to his saxophone lesson in Orem last night. I went to Costco as I waited, and when I came out, the clouds were so pretty and pink ~
I felt like they were giving their approval of his a beautiful and good life. My phone didn't capture the colors on the mountain well, but ooh, so pretty, the bottom of the mountain in shade, the snow capped top all pink.
The funeral today was wonderful. Here is a link to watch it if you'd like, or some excerpts here. My final take away from President Monson's exemplarary life - Do good. Paint a bright spot on your soul by doing good somewhere each day. Love others and serve others and do good.

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