Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Super Blue Blood Moon

I was so excited to see the Lunar Eclipse this morning, but darn clouds - the whole SL valley was covered! So I guess i might as well continue with my usual morning routine: I watched it on YouTube while I walked on the treadmill. But atleast I was able to get a photo of it this way! Behold the screenshot from my phone -
Kind of a bummer, but I did have a fun time exploring the topic of why it was a called a "Super Blue Blood Moon" - and google lead me to this fun stuff!
BBC meteorologist Simon King explained the phenomenon and revealed the best place to see the event.
Simon King said: “So, we’ve got something really cool happening tonight, and it’s a Moon trilogy. It’s called a super blue blood moon. So let’s break that down, start off with the ‘super’ part. 
“Now, of course, the moon orbits the earth, in an ellipse, so sometimes the moon is close to the earth than other times and we call that the Perigee, and that’s going to happen through Wednesday night.
“So the Moon might appear a bit bigger and brighter than usual. The ‘blue’ part of that saying is that every month we have a full moon, but on some occasions, because of the lunar cycle we have two full Moons. So we call that second one a blue moon, here the phrase, ‘once in a blue moon’ because it’s quite a rare occurrence. 
“And then the third thing is the ‘blood moon’. And that is because also on Wednesday night there is a total lunar eclipse, and that is going to make the Moon turn a little bit red.” - source
We saw the blood moon in September 2015. That memory and computer images will have to get us by until we get to try and see one again in person next year - the next one for Utah is January 20, 2018.

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