Monday, January 15, 2018

Four Things in Park City

Happy MLK Jr. Day, everyone's always excited to have a reason to sleep in. Today we did the four things we usually do in Park City - Swim, Eat, Sleep, and Watch TV.
1st - Swimming. We walked over to the pool a few times today. We are lucky that there's no snow outside, it wasn't too cold and so we walked with our barefeet on the sidewalk which we could tell was heated. I headed out this morning with the littles and we were soon joined by the rest of the group.
Joseph and Mel weren't up here on Saturday cause they had a Lyceum concert, but we all went back down for church yesterday and they came up with us last night and we had a fun family swim today. I can't find a pic of them, I'll check Corey's phone later. But I did get a picture of the other person who rarely makes it into the pool (or photos) - me!
Yay! I got to play in the water too! Truly a rare and special occasion. Corey and Owen on the way back to the room on Saturday.
2nd: Eating. Corey took the kids grocery shopping today, which the healthy OCD eater in me loathes. But they came back with food and even some fruit and we're all still alive, so I should probably just relax about it. PB&J sandwiches and ice cream for dessert and nutella and lots of other temptations, I did ok resisting. 

3rd: Sleeping - Ethan down for a nap with Daniel on Saturday 
They are identical twins, just born 15 years apart. Daniel is my little Ethan. I'll have to get some pictures of Ethan as a baby, they are pretty much the spittin' image of each other. Cute little fuzzy head.
And last but not least - our 4th PC Activity: Watching TV. Ethan and Hyrum watched a show that they said they watched all the time on their band tour last year - Impractical Jokers. Kinda funny, but I'm pretty sure I'd be irritated if strangers did that kinda stuff to me. But I can see how it appeals to teenage boys. Here are Hyrum and Eth on Friday night - looking forward to their weekend of luxury
As usual, they were excited to have a big bed with a fluffy comfortor and pillows. I should/could probably get them more bedding for their beds at home. And the little kids in the pull out bed, watching tv - Disney channel stuff mostly.
Wes trying to read and watch tv at the same time. Lily coloring. Owen's got his lion Louie. Abi is over in the kitchen with Daniel.
When I got the remote control, I clicked through the channels til I found something interesting. I stopped at My 600 Pound Life. Pretty interesting to see the experiences people have and the choices they make and the things they tell themselves that get them into those tough situations. I felt bad for them. The kids vetoed me and so I didn't see how any of the episodes ended. Hope it turned out good. I am headed back home tonight with Owen and Daniel, so that Corey can get some work done. It's hard to get work done with all the kiddos around - but here is Corey trying -
Kids in the house = noise, mess, and fun. 
And cute smiles!
Daniel! You ready to go swimmin' before we head home? Let's go!
We're heading home soon with Owen, Joseph, Mel, and Wes. Joe Mel and Wes are being responsible and are going to school tomorrow. The rest of the kids are being slackers and are going to have one more lazy sleepover day, but I told them it's back to reality on Wednesday! But I'm excited as I think of tomorrow morning's wake up routine - I'll be done at 7! I might go back to bed! Or maybe I'll actually get something done? We'll see how nice O and D are to me. I'll probably post more pictures of swimming tomorrow, cause I'm sure there won't be much happening else in PC except playing in the pool, and home should be pretty quiet with all of them gone.

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