Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Quiet Day

Back to reality today - I brought all the kids home last night so that Corey can spend some alone time up in Park City, allowing him to take care of his many tasks uninterrupted. So everyone went to school, it was a normal busy school year morning. JMEH all left for school at 6:15, then I took Wes and his friends to school cause Wednesday is my carpool day. I wake up Abi before I go so she can babysit, I get back at 8 to help her and Lily and Sophi get ready for school, they leave at 8:30. Owen and Daniel usually are awake by 8:30. Natalie sleeps in later. We watch soms PBS kids, eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. Today she and I worked on a 300 piece puzzle. She did a good job making the green leaves on the cherries.
Owen was flying around his spaceship toy (actually Lily's lego from Christmas but he hijacked it). A funny thing is he doesn't say it right. He put's a "t" at the end of it instead of a "p". It makes us all laugh, the teens act shocked at their toddler brother's profanity. You and your spaceship are okay Owen, you keep flying!
Corey had a day alone in Park City. I asked if he enjoyed the quiet time. He did, but he doesn't enjoy working all the time. Not much of a choice right now. Poor guy. So, he gets to enjoy a quiet day tomorrow again and then tomorrow night after the kids get home from school, I'm going to take them up to swim again. WALSN (WesAbiLilySophiNatalie) are going to spend the night. I'll take all the kids up that want to go swim one last time, but then the high schoolers have to come back down for school on Friday. They sluffed on Tuesday, Wes went on Tuesday, that's why he gets Friday off. Been a regular busy week, but it has been fun to spend some of it up there.

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