Saturday, January 27, 2018

Sledding and Skiing

Today was a fun day of sledding and skiing. The day started with me heading up the canyon with all the little kids to go sledding at our friends' cabin. They were having a sledding activity for all the Primary aged children in our ward. And again, I took all the little kids - Abi and under, even though I knew Owen and Daniel wouldn't be sledding, and I also knew that having them with me meant that I wouldn't be much good helping my kids sled. But, it would allow Corey to get work done, therefore, up I went with a van full of little kids. The canyon was busy. At the top of the canyon it was at a stand still cause the Brighton parking lot was full. When we got to the parking lot entrance, the Brighton workers let us go by because I said we weren't going skiing, we were going to a cabin, implying that I would not need a parking space in the lot. The road to the cabin, however, is a one way road that is steep in a few places and not good for cars that do not have 4-wheel drive, such as the minivan I was driving. Corey says the van can make it if you just go fast enough. He had been lucky and got the van up the road there on the most recent New Years Eve party, but only after all the men and teenage boys came down the road and helped push it up the last bit after it got stuck. I was glad I wasn't driving it that time. And that happened at night when the snow on the road was hard and kinda stuck. Today it was warm, thus also slushy and slippery. I was thinking to myself "This is scary! Too risky!!" but it was either that or turn around back down the canyon and park and walk a mile in the snow with 6 kids, which wasn't a doable option, so the doable option would be to just can it and head back home. So, feeling I had no choice, I started on the road with a prayer in my heart ready to just gun it and beg for mercy. As I started to try to pick up speed, but before I got to the first hill, I was able to see a car that was stuck in the bank. It was our neighbors kid who was attempting to do in his little sedan what I was about to attempt to do. I was grateful that he was there and thus prevented me from suffering a similar fate. I put the car in reverse and backed up. His dad was right behind us in his truck and went to pull him out after we moved out of the way. So, down to the parking lot we went. I didn't mean to lie to the parking lot attendants, but I decided I'd try to find a place in the lot to park. Luckily I found a place that was as close to the cabin road as possible. We got out, Abi helped with Daniel, the other kids helped carry food, I grabbed Owen, and off we went to walk the snowy road to the cabin. In an act of great mercy, another neighbor, who was coming up to the cabin for her first time, didn't know the road to turn off on, and thus was coming into the parking lot right when we were walking out. She stopped and called to me and asked me where the road was. I told her. Then she asked if we wanted a ride up there. YES! It was an unexpected miracle! She was passing by at the perfect moment, we hadn't even begun our trek! I was so grateful to her and to Heavenly Father for saving me and the kids from cold and exhaustion that would have followed had I had to walk over to the road and then up the hill carrying children. And it also very likely saved me from stress and frustration. Thank you Lord!

So we stayed and had a great afternoon, the kids ate pizza for lunch and of course there were plenty of treats. Veggie tray and hummus provided by yours truly. Later that night all the older kids went up to the cabin with Corey for a Young Men and Young Women activity of night skiing. They had a great time too. I didn't get any pictures of sledding, cause like I said, I was worthless with two little boys to take care of. These are the only picture Corey got of the evening.Mel and Wesley renting their ski boots.
Mel ready to go!
And Hyrum almost ready to head out too.
I'll update with more pictures later if some of our neighbors have some of the sledding or others of the youth skiing. The first time I ever went skiing as a kid was when I went night skiing at Brighton with the youth in my ward. Good memory.

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