Thursday, January 18, 2018

Last Night

We went up to Park City again tonight after the kids got home from school. Ethan and Hyrum got to get in one last swim, then they came back home with me and Owen and Daniel. Wes, Abi, Lily, Soph, and Natalie are spending the night. Wesley gets to sleep over and miss school tomorrow, cause he didn't sluff on Tuesday. The elementary kids don't have school tomorrow, so they get to sleep over too. Joseph and Melodie didn't come up tonight - flute lesson and homework and such. They are becoming responsible adults. The rest of us had fun one last time up in Park City.
Owen didn't swim, but Daniel did. Ethan got him ready and they took him down, but I learned afterwards that Eth didn't put on a swim diaper, he put on a regular diaper. Needless to say, Daniel had gained about 10 pounds by the time he was done in the pool
So all the older kids all swam. By the time I got there with Owen, Natalie was done so she played air hockey with Owen and also helped me with a puzzle. They had a big Disney puzzle that Natalie started, it had weird odd shaped pieces and was way hard. We didn't get very far. Natalie would take things I'd finished and take them apart and do them again - like Snow Whites face. I left the parts we put together out on the table just in case the next person that comes along wants a little help as they start doing it. Owen cheering for himself, yay! 
Corey has slept over in Park City this whole week except for Wednesday. He has so much work to do, I think he's enjoyed the quiet solitude. Not that it's a break, he's just working a ton. I brought most of the stuff home. I left Corey with a bag to throw in all the extra stuff tomorrow morning when they check out, hopefully the kids will be good helpers and it won't take them too long, he's got to get on the clock. I'm still praying for us to be delivered somehow from this financial situation.

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