Thursday, January 4, 2018

Drawing on Daniel

Hi. It's January 4th. I need to catching up big time on the blog, as I'm atleast 3 weeks behind. But before going back to wish a Happy New Year and all that, I'll start with the here and now. And as most posts on this blog, this one will be about the baby of the family, who is currently known as Daniel.
That there is Daniel last night after his big adoring teenage brother expressed his affection for his little chubby brother by giving him Marlo the Magician mustache and goatee on his face. The mustache and beard was all I had noticed until bedtime, when I saw more writing all over him. "CUTE" on D's left arm, "Daniel" on his right, and other grafitti all over his sweet little body.
Eth had written "Chubby Calves" on his legs, "Kick Me" on his back, colored his toe nails, gave him earrings, put a face on his tummy, using the belly button as the mouth, etc etc. Daniel's happy when he's got his pointer finger in his belly button. You gotta move it so we can see the belly face!
Owen, wondering why Daniel tolerates such abuse.
Ethan wasn't done yet. Daniel got on his tummy to join the circle of kids looking at a book - and was a prime target for more of Ethan's shenanigans... 
Eth wasn't finished with the back. He had to add an arrow pointing down at Daniel's cutie patootie...
...and he also added the word "hard".
It was time to put Daniel to bed, but Ethan had one final work before his masterpiece would be complete. Fine, hurry. The exclamation point was a uni-brow. 
All in silver permanent marker, mind you.
It was funny, Daniel was still cute and making us all laugh, and then I remembered that he had a 15 month well visit in the morning.
Well, D. What are we gonna do about this?
I put him to bed last night with marker on, woke him up early today, and into the tub we went.
 Why, mother... why?
He didn't want to take a bath, but was fine once he got it. His protest time lasts for just like 30 seconds tops. But don't tick off Owen... he can go for a full half hour. Anyway, I washed his body and couldn't get it off easily, so I wasn't going to bother with it, except for the face. We had to get the face clean. Just a few minutes of rubbing it with the coarse skin on my thumb and thankfully, I was able to get that all off. And the "earrings". Long sleeve shirt, long pants, sweet, we're good to go. Into the car and off to the doctor.
As predicted, we didn't get any looks on the way in from other patients or the check in ladies. Once we get in to the exam room we're safe, cause I don't mind if the pediatrician sees. He's our neighbor, he knows how it is. Daniel got a glowing review, he's doing great. Still in the high percentile for weight and height, and his head is about off the chart.
One of the questions he asked during the check up was if Daniel is starting to say any words. "Yeah, he says 'help' a lot" - I always ask him if he wants help putting on his shoes or getting a bottle or being held - so he says help as he asks for things. The doctor joked that Daniel probably says "help" a lot when seeking protection from teenage brothers and their permanent markers. Lol, yeah, but lucky for us, little D is pretty chill. He does a good job of just rolling with the chaos around here. We love you Daniel - you're totes adorbs.

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