Tuesday, January 16, 2018

More Swimming Pictures

It's been a quiet day here at home. Joseph and Mel went to school at 6:15 and then Wes at 7, and then it was just me and my two little boys. So, I'll catch up with a few pictures from Sunday. On Sunday morning, we woke up in Park City fairly early and headed down to the valley so we could go to church. (Hooray for new year change to the 11:00 meeting time instead of 9) We hustled to get the kids dressed, but some of them had coughs and others felt sick, so I stayed home with half of the crew while Corey took the other half to church. I listened to an AWESOME talk on byutv - a BYU Idaho devotional by Troy Dougherty titled "The Practical Work of Building Zion" and it was so good. I was like "Yes! This is what our family need to hear!" So after church we came back up to Park City. Corey told the kids we could go swimming. I didn't want to, I wanted to stay in the room and read them the talk or have the kids listen to it, with a dream of them all sitting and listening quietly and nodding in agreement at what he said and then they would all commit to not ever quarrel or be annoying, mean, or naughty again. But like anyone is going to choose to listen to my gospel lecture over swimming. But it's a Sunday! This is was Sunday's are for! Gospel discussions! I was able to make them listen to 15 minutes of it, and then after they'd endured enough of my torture (and to prevent them all from falling asleep right there) Corey took them to the pool. He felt it was a good family bonding time activity cause he was sure there wouldn't be other people at the pool. Or if there were, the big group of us coming would be enough to scare them away. That plan kinda worked, we did pretty much have it to ourselves most of the time. But still, I'd still have been happier if we had spent Sunday's doing a Book of Mormon read-a-thon. Oh well. So they all went swimming and I took pictures.
Daniel was super cute in the pool - Wes rubbed is tummy and Mel held him, it was cute to see them attend to him so affectionately. Mel took a break and went over to the big pool, trying to get Owen to jump to her. Can you tell what he thinks of that idea?
He protested by looking at her and spitting his little tongue in defiance at her. "I don't jump to no one but Dad!!" It was kinda funny.

Wes continued to play sweetly with Daniel.
Daniel you're so cute! He really likes the pool.
Sunday night I took a picture of the kids sleeping before I headed to bed. Mel probably listening to MoTab ~
Abi nice and relaxed. The kids all wanted to sleep in the window seats, I admit they look fun. We should have a dozen bunk beds built into the walls, that would be cool.
Hyrum and Ethan were in their palace bed, Joseph was on the pull out in their room. Unlike his two younger brothers, Joseph did not enjoy a comfortable's nights rest. And then we had 4 kids piled up on the pull out couch in the main room.
So that's what Park City looks like for us - swimming and sleeping and watchin' tv.

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