Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2017 In Review

We haven't sent out Christmas Cards or Holiday greetings for a couple years. I did one online in 2014, which I recognize is more than a bit lame, but I guess "pathetic" it's better than "nothing". So, I'm late, but here's our 2017 recap and we send a wish that y'all had a great 2017 and we wish you a wonderful 2018. 
January Joseph turned 17 years old, Corey's 3rd attempt at making an ice rink was his best yet.
February - Corey and I celebrated 18 years - we took a quick trip to San Diego, some friends from Chile stay with us for a couple of weeks, 1st car accident by one of the kids, Corey's business Movie M0uth got a new CEO
March - 5 month old Daniel is the cutest thing everEthan turned 15, Corey and kids took a trip to Las Vegas with 10 kids and 3 Chileans, he's a champ.
April - Natalie is potty trained, Joseph ran an amazing but unsuccessful SBO campaign
May - Ethan's Year as school governor comes to an end, family bird watching, we're getting healthy
June - Family Pictures, Corey and Joseph trip to Boston, Lily turned 8Wesley is 12, some of us are trying to go vegan, Boondocks
July - Natalie is 4, Owen turns 2Scofield, Park City
August - Hyrum is 14Total Solar Eclipse in RexburgSophi starts kindergarten, a fun summer with our monarch butterflies
September - Abi turns 10, Sophi turns 6, Daniel turns 1
October - I took some kids on a trip to Moab, Courage Challenge, Hyrum got his braces offworries about Movie M0uth, Halloween
November - Joseph's third strike, Thanksgiving, Momentum
December - Melodie turns 17, Family ski tripChristmas

Fun fact of 2017 - it was the first odd year since 2001 that I did not have a baby. The first 3 were even years, and then came 7 kids from Hyrum in 2003 through Owen in 2015 that were born every odd year. Daniel broke the tradition being in 2016. We're looking forward to 2018. The only big change we know that's coming as of right now is that our oldest, Joseph, will be leaving this summer for a 2 year LDS mission. We are super excited for him, but also a little teary that our first chick is flying from the nest. It will never be the same, but you can't stop the change. He's ready to launch so we're happy for him. Have a happy 2018! 

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