Friday, January 19, 2018

Googly Eyes

So, just another Friday night... with my kids being funny weirdos. Melodie, as usual, was the creative mind behind this one. She somehow got a hold of the googly eyes that Sophi had given to Lily for Christmas. While most people would look at a package of googly eyes and think "craft", Melodie looks a things with a different perspective. She called her sister over to take a picture for her
Melodie apparenly is more of a Calvin creative type... Lol, that strip is a classis.
Perhaps she can keep a pair of eyes in her pocket to use at school so she can take a nap during class and not get caught! She was laughing pretty hard. "Abi! Come here! This is so funny!" And Abi joined in. They laughed and laughed
They thought they looked like the train faces from Thomas and friends - ha!
The kids all come running when they hear fun happening. Here's Lily's googly eye face
And Wes was up next - he struggled to get them to stay on.
Mel and Abi's eyeglasses held on the googly eyes on the face better for them, so they were able to look more rested. Wes's face was a bit strained as he tried to hold it with his eye lids
Still pretty funny. I like hearing the kids laugh and be goofy together.
Another funny face that Mel was responsible for recently - this was actually in November - she thought she'd try to give her little sisters nightmares by making these creepy faces - one on a closet sock drawer, the other on the bed post in the girls' room. In the closet... "Hello little girl..."
Mel! Your sisters can't get dressed in here with this face looking at them!!
"Hi, I'm a freaky closet face watching you change your clothes?" Yeah, he's gotta go.
Then there was this scary guy on the bed -
We all agree these guys are freaky.
Mel, you're a weird one. Creative, but weird. Did you know that WEIRD and WRIDE have the same letters, just rearranged? Perhaps the weird part comes with our name.

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