Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The 8th First Lost Tooth

Sophi got home from kindergarten this afternoon and I gave her some lunch. She wanted a sliced banana. She has this little song she sings that they learned at school (that drives her teenage brothers' nuts cause it's "so annoying"...) where she sings "Bananas UNITE! Peel banana, peel peel banana... Slice banana, slice slice banana... Eat banana, eat eat banana" etc etc. So she asked for toast and when I asked what fruit she wanted with her lunch, she said "sliced banana" and proceeded to sing the little song. I left her eating and was upstairs cleaning when I heard her having a sudden panic attack. She was calling for me and telling Natalie to find me - "Mom!! MOM!!" Sophi and Natalie were both calling and looking for me downstairs, and couldn't hear me calling to them as I came down from upstairs. I'm right here! What is wrong?

"There's blood!" she said as she walked toward me holding up her hand that had a bandaid on it - she had cut her finger last night when she was helping her dad "cut bananas, cut cut bananas" for some fruit salad. I looked at her finger, then realized she wasn't holding up her finger, but she was holding up a little bead or something between her fingers. I thought she was just crying with her mouth gaped open, which happens often, but then I noticed she was trying to show me the blood in her mouth. "Oh!" I cheered "You lost a tooth!" Sophi's first tooth! When she realized it was a good and normal thing she calmed right down and I told her to just spit out the blood. "That must have been really loose! It's not often kids loose a tooth when eating a banana! Usually it's an apple or something hard."
So, fun for you Sophi, you're growing up. That's the eighth first tooth of our kids, and first for Sophi, her first tooth lost. Let's hope you're molars are lost before they get cavities again. December got the best of me and I have slacked again on checking her flossing. I"m almost back on top of things and I checked her this week and I think she might have another cavity started (cavity 1cavity 2, and cavity 3 from last year). I hope I caught it in time, doh, we'll see.

And yes, as you can see from that photo, our little Sophi is wearing eye patches again. The eye doctor had her start wearing patches in 2016, and after a few months she got the okay to stop. Then this past fall, I got a note from the school saying that she did very poorly on her eye exam and that was with her glasses on. They gave me a paper that I had to get signed and returned. I feel like a school kid again, having my parents sign permission slips. So I had to take to her eye doctor for him to sign saying I had her checked, so I did as I was told like a good little girl and we went in to the eye doctor. It was about time for her yearly check up anyway. And yes, he said her left eye wasn't very strong. Bummer thing is that I had just gotten her two new pairs of glasses in August. So, too bad for me. She got a new prescription and I needed to get new glasses. That was in October, is it bad that I just barely got around to ordering those? Doh! But he also said to have her start wearing eye patches again, and I was quick to order those right away. So since I was obeying one of the two things he told me to do, I gts to wear the eye patch every day for 2 hours. That started in October and will continue through May. She doesn't like it and is really happy when a day slips by with me missing my alarm to put it on her. It's just to help you out sweetie, and I know it's annoying. You're a good girl for sticking with it.

And on a final note - don't forget to pause tomorrow morning to behold the amazing Total Lunar Eclipse! For SLC total eclipse begins at 5:51, maximum eclipse at 6:29 a.m. It's amazing! Our solar system and the universe, it's all amazing - we are a vulnerable little blue marble in the desert, I'm grateful to know God watches over us and keeps us alive and floating out here in the nothingness!

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