Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Shout Out to Hyrum

It's January, time for new year's resolutions. I think I'll pretend I'm still doing the Vegan Vednesday thing. So, I'm still working on my goals for this upcoming year. But while we're here, just in case anyone out there is looking for some inspiration to your own health goals - I thought I'd give a shout out to my little H. Last year we all started learning about nutrition and Hyrum started to really focus on his diet, and then he began a new year resolution (academic year that is) by being a 100% committed vegan - absolutely no animal products at all. He won't eat bread if it has milk listed as an ingredient. He's a purist! I'm starting to let things slide a bit - I'll eat desserts now and then (prob too often, doh.) but not Hyrum. And look at the difference an improved diet has done for this kid in his AFTER and BEFORE photos (not "before and after", we're putting the "after" first) So, here's after he got his braces off this past October 2017 - 14 years old
And a year before - August 2016 - 13 years old:
Another before shot - June 2016. Hyrum hates this one (sorry buddy. I know, I've been there)
Isn't that impressive? Now some might say that this is just Hyrum finally getting his growth spurt, or now he's enjoying the hollow leg that comes to many teenage boys, but do not be fooled. Hyrum's been working really hard and eating very carefully over the past year. He has not had ANY chocolate this Halloween!! He doesn't eat pizza with cheese anymore for crying out loud! A teenage boy! He's found a good substitute for the pizza, vegan pizza with nutritional yeast. It's his favorite. Yes, this didn't happen by chance, Hyrum has made it happen. I recognize your hard work Hyrum! Keep it up!

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