Monday, November 29, 2010

Coco Joe

Joe's ability to climb palm trees began back in our BYU MBA days...

Living at Wyview Student Family Housing brought us together with families from all over the world, people from Chile, Yap, Guam, you name it. Tonga is another one of those countries. We would see the Tonga kids climbing up the black lampposts like they were palm tree trunks. "Hey Joe! You should learn to do that" said Corey, and the quest began. Joe learned to climb the lamppost in the front yard of our Sandy home. Here in Costa Rica, he's gotten to try the real thing.

It was a lot harder than the lamppost. I'm sure because of the trunk is thicker than the lamppost. Joe said his feet couldn't stick on the bark. I wasn't too excited about him doing it in his Sunday clothes. Luckily we've been back to visit lots and he's had other chances to pick a coconut. He got 3 coconuts on Thanksgiving.

Jacob and Dannan broke through those for him, Joe cleaned out the coconut meat. Has a texture like really rubbery and slippery ham. Joe brought one home and on Friday, after working on it for a half hour he'd gotten through.

Seems like an unusually large amount of work to do for a small amount of food.

But I am grateful! The coconut makes my fruit smoothies delicious! I love coconut! :)

Thank you to Joe, the coconut kid.

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