Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday Dinner

On Sunday we left to go over to the RMs house around 4:30. We had a sudden idea that maybe going back to Utah could still be a possibility, and one of the adults from their house could be Corey's proxy and fly with E, H, and W from San Jose to Utah. What to do, what to do. Anyway, we thought we'd go talk about it with them. They let us eat dinner with them again and Corey had one last visit with Dannan and Jacob...

Yes, another evening of discussion, books, and politics. Corey's last before he heads to Chile on Tuesday. Don't know when these guys will be able to get together to discuss life in these latter days again. So sad. I love listening to them talk - such great insights and questions, points and counter points, it's like watching/listening to a mental chess game - very enlightening! :)

The guys were going strong for several hours. After dinner, I was taking pictures and we thought we should get one of the 3 of us.

Then we got a little silly taking various pictures of ourselves...

Someday I'm doing to get a great camera. I'm thinking the Nikon D5000 or whatever kind Costco has on the day that I do my big purchase. Someday.

Started to get late, the guys were still going strong. We thought we better get a little snack for the kids that hadn't dropped off yet. Rachael made some popcorn that adults and kids enjoyed.

They tried really hard to not give in to sleep. But they were just barely holding on.

Hated to see it end so we enjoyed it while it lasted, and we were on our way home at 10:30. We'll be back, my kids love going to the RMs house more than the beach, or atleast telling them we can go over there after they clean up works better than saying we can go to the beach. Funny. Glad we've all got friends here. Kinda silly that we had to come to Costa Rica to meet each other, cause we could have just driven to Manti. :)

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