Saturday, November 20, 2010

Monkeys in the Trees

Last Sunday when we went over to see the Royal and Meyers Families (I think I'll just start calling them the R&Ms, or RMs?) the kids all started screaming to us adults to "COME SEE!!!!!" cause there were monkeys!!! so I did cause I got the camera to document (I feel so important!) :) Here are all the kids under the trees that the monkeys were in.

They would take turns standing right under the monkeys, then excitedly tell each other "I'm right under it!!!" I took a turn to - it was true - they were right there! Straight up. I got the best view with the zoom on my camera, so all the kids wanted to see the shot.

Pretty fun. There were three monkeys. All of us have seen monkeys before, but for us Wrides this was the first time we've seen them this close. The RMs told me that once there was a group of monkeys in the tree right by the house, and since those tree branches are all at eye level from the 2nd story kitchen/sitting room, they could see them perfectly - one monkey had a little baby monkey holding on it's back. So fun!

This monkey was just staring down at us. I imagined he was really excited and later would tell his family "You shoulda seen it - there was this huge group of human kids - It was amazing, they were all standing right under me!!"

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