Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kids in Primary

How many will there be?

Most Sundays, this is the group of students...

Then on some Sunday's, like last Sunday, this crowd showed up...

It was pretty exciting, although it threw us for a loop thinking of what we'd do for the Primary Program if all these kids show up on that Sunday (next week on Nov 28th - better get my kids memorizing their part!)

My kids are all wearing the same clothes in both pictures. We only brought one Sunday outfit for each kid, although I brought two skirts for myself. I thought we'd be okay for our time here in Costa Rica, and we have been, except that Ethan's and Hyrum's shoes are to small. Luckily Ethan's old shoes fit Hyrum. Unluckily Ethan is without Sunday shoes and wears his sneakers. But everyone's sneakers are running thin. But that would have happened in the US too. And although there is no Walmart here, I think they do sell shoes. We'll make it three weeks till Chile though and then start to get settled with everything we need there. I hear they sell shoes in Chile too. I would have packed differently if I knew we were heading to Chile straight from here, but oh well. I'm sure we'll be able to find everything there, and we'll see how costs compare. Corey and I have come to the conclusion that the cheapest place to live, if you want to live like an American, is in America. You can live in-expensively here in Costa Rica if you live like a Tico. But if you want some of the comfort foods of home (like Lucky Charms) or air conditioning, you pay more for it that you would have in the States. So there are some thoughts. Corey is excited for Chile I'm pretty sure, although we don't really have time/energy to put in to being nervous or excited about it. But he had a plane ticket for Tuesday and will pack on Monday night/Tuesday morning. We might think about it then. We'd appreciate any prayers on our behalf in regards to finding a house for us. We found a few furnished homes, but Corey said apparently no one wants to rent to a family with 7 kids. I don't blame them. I hope the owners of this home are okay with the face that their nice table has had deep groves from pens pressed into it. And that the paint on the walls is a little thin from where I had to scrub and scrub the crayon/pencil/pen scribbles off. Also some pen marks on the sheets, and I accidentally got bleach on a brown comforter when I was trying to scrub the pen out of the sheets. Mad at myself for that one. Lastly I think we've broken 5 of the dishes. Other than that I think everything will be okay with a good cleaning. I get to do that again since Corey's gone, but it's all good, we have a lot less to pack up here and a lot less square footage to pick up - only 2000 here, that's doable.

Should I have anyone live with me while Corey's gone? There is a young married couple that said they could come stay here with me (I asked him if they'd be open to that). Pros to that would be company, the kids might learn some Spanish, they'd help me with the kids and cleaning, I could go to the grocery store without all the kids in tow. Cons - maybe not being able to relax as much with someone else here, not feeling as free to sleep in or take a nap, I'd probably be a bigger grouch, and would be nicer to my kids with people in the house. Seems like there are more pros and the cons are all pretty louse and selfish ones. Okay. I guess I'll finalize that on Sunday when we see them, unless anyone wants to advise me otherwise.

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