Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Corey Returns To Live

It's almost been 2 weeks since Corey got the email telling him he was invited to participate in the 2010 Start Up Chile program. He finally bought his plane ticket today. He's a very careful man in planning things out and making sure he's got everything in place first before he makes any big or hard to refund commitments, like buying airfare.

At 8:13 he checked prices again to see which airline had the best deal. He's got his wallet with credit card under his arm.

After poking around a bit more, he started to enter the info with the music of Illapu playing on his computer from this youtube video. (I love this song by the way - beautiful lyrics too - I'll post them at the bottom so you can sing along, and also I just tried to translate it - hope it makes sense)

Joe freaked out when he saw Corey type the date of August 2012 - "We're staying in Chile until AUGUST 2012?!?!"

Corey looking at him with raised eyebrows that said let's not freak out... "That is the expiration date of my credit card! Relax!"

Melodie tried to stop his hands from typing.

But it was finally done at 8:29. He has officially pushed the "go" button.

Confirmation # received, Passenger Corey Wride will fly from San Jose to Panama to Santiago Chile next Wednesday. Have fun sweetie. Don't forget to send for us!

Brief background on Illapu here - my summary, they are an Andean folk music group, in 1981 they were forced into exile under the Pinochet regime. First they went to France and later Mexico City. In 1988 the political climate improved and they returned to Chile - that is what this song is about - their return after 7 years away from their country. Corey's returning after 13 years. He is excited. We all are too. It will be a grand adventure.

Illapu - Vuelo Para Vivir...
Vuelvo a casa vuelvo compaƱera
vuelvo mar, montaƱa, vuelvo a puerto
vuelvo sur, saludo mi desierto
vuelvo a renacer amado pueblo.

Vuelvo, amor, vuelvo, a saciar mi sed de ti
vuelvo, vida, vuelvo, a vivir en mi pais.

Traigo en mi equipaje del destierro
amistad fraterna de otros suelos
atras dejo penas y desvelos
vuelvo por vivir denuevo entero

Vuelvo amor...

Olvidar, por jubilo, no quiero
el amor de miles que estuvieron
pido claridad por los misterios
olvidar es triste desconsuelo

Vuelvo amor...

Bajo el rostro nuevo de cemento
vive el mismo pueblo de hace tiempo
esperando siguen los hambrientos
mas justicia, menos monumentos

Vuelvo amor...

Illapu - I Return To Live letras translation spanish to english
I return to house, I return companion
I return ocean, mountain, I return harbor
I return south, hello to my desert
I return to be born again, my beloved village

I return, my love I return, To satisfy my thirst for you
I return, my life I return, To live in my country.

I bring in my luggage from the exile
Fraternal friendship from other people
Although I leave pain and anxiety
I return to live for a new entirety

I return...

Forget for joy, I don't want to
The love of thousands who were
I ask for clarity about the mysteries,
To forget is sad discomfort.

I return...

Beneath this new face of the cement
Lives the same people of long ago,
Waiting for to follow the hungry,
More justice, less monuments

I return...

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