Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Si Vas Para Chile...

In order for Corey to participate in the Start Up Chile program, he needs a very specific type of business visa. In order to get that visa, he was instructed to contact his nearest Chilean consulate. If we were back in Utah, that consulate would have been in San Francisco. And our whole family would have had to appear there if we wanted to go to Chile with him. What a blessing for us to be here in Costa Rica, cause there is an embassy in San Jose. No problem for all of us to go there. Much easier than driving/flying to San Francisco.

So, we are planning on going to Chile. We don't know when for sure yet, but were taking steps to get there.

We waited the whole morning on Friday to see if we were going to go to the Chilean Embassy. It was open from 8 to 1. Corey were waiting that morning cause we didn't know for sure that all of us needed to go. He didn't want to take all of us there if he didn't have to, and if he didn't have to, then he decided he probably wouldn't bother going either, and would just go by and pick up his visa on his way to the airport when he flew out.

Well, it was 12:30 and still no email yet about if they wanted all of us to come, and now it was probably to late to go anyway, so I told the kids they could go swimming now. So we got dressed, and were about to head down the stairs when Corey said "Oh! They just emailed me... they want all of us to come, we have to be there by 4, let's GO!" Someone told him it took 2 hours to get from where we were to where the Chilean consulate was. Corey arranged for a tour guide to take us all there in his van so we wouldn't get lost in San Jose like we did when trying to find the hotel. It was a very good move. Cause not only wouldn't we have been able to find our way in the city, we probably would loose each other by me missing a red light or getting a car between us and then I'd be lost forever, or we'd have a car accident (driving conditions are worse than Mario Kart) So again, great move getting a guide to take us in his van. Abi and Lily fell asleep on the way there...

We arrived at the place in 45 minutes. Sweet.

Waiting at the doors... after walking inside, we told the kids we are now technically in Chile. Their reply "That was fast! Can we have our legos now?"

We waited while Corey had his interview. I got in trouble for taking a picture inside the embassy. Sorry, didn't know that was a no-no! She didn't say I had to delete it though, so here's a picture of us waiting...

So then we went and took pictures outside...

7 kids by the Chilean flag.

They called the rest of us in after about 20 minutes. We all got finger printed and then we were done. Lily was cute - we got her finger black and then pressed it on the paper, I guess she didn't like it cause she started to cry, we all laughed when she held her finger out to the Consulate for her to kiss it better. Cute.

Then we were done. But wow, what a blessing to be here in Costa Rica. Also, if we hadn't planned this trip to CR, Corey might have had an expired passport and for sure not all of us would have had passports since we just got them for Lily and Abi in June when we started thinking about this trip. It's a good feeling to see the hand of Providence - so many pieces are falling into place better than they would have if we had known that we'd be going to Chile and planned for it.

One proud entrepreneur by the Chilean flag, excited to be invited back to his other tierra.

On the drive home the kids were noisy and had lots of energy. Abi had her ears covered as she loudly sang.

Lily was up and down and up and down till I'd had enough and we strapped her down - she seemed to be really tickled at first, but it didn't last long before she was squirming to get out again.
So, we're getting ready to go to Chile. Corey might even buy his airline ticket soon. Until then there's still a chance to back out. We'll let you know. :)

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  1. Tiff you are a trooper! So how long will y'all be in Chile? Our whole family is praying for you. It's cute hearing the boys praying for Aunt Tiffanie and Uncle Corey and kids.


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