Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hasta Luego Amor

Well, he's gone. Corey's leaving on a jet plane (at 5:30 pm), don't know when he'll be back again. And this is the first time we've ever done that - said goodbye not knowing when we'll see each other, but trusting that we will. I feel a little bit like an early Mormon convert in England, sending my husband to America to work and get money to pay for our boat passage across the Atlantic. Only what they did was hard, what I do is easy, cause I got internet, I have various ways to communicate with said departed loved one during our separation, and I am able to make a realistic guess of how long it will be till we see each other again - I'm thinkin' 3 weeks.

So anyway, Corey left for San Jose around 8:45 am, I did a quick wash over and wipe out of the inside of his rental car that he's returning. The kids "helped" me clean it, as you can tell by this picture of them all standing around picking their noses! (Melodie!!!) but mostly they're just staring off into space.

Ok, last hugs and kisses

As Corey tried to peel Melodie off of him, Corey said to me "It's easier to leave when they're clinging on to you..." then said to Mel and Ethan "I love you, now go away!" Ethan, with a quick wit said "Now I will always remember what your last words to me were! 'Go away!' So loving!"

Goodbye Love

Our house is on the left side of the street on a corner back where I stood to take the picture. The kids ran down the street following Corey to the gate, which comes with a 24 hour security guard.
I feel safe and things will be fine here with me. We would appreciate prayers as we figure out the next steps.

See you soon, sweetheart. Don't forget to send for us!


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