Thursday, October 1, 2015

Let's Go

Every morning for the past week and a half, as soon as Sophi is done with her cereal, she tells me it's time to go. "Go get your shoes" she says and "you need to drive" as she moves her hands turning a steering wheel to be sure I get the picture. She wants to go, and it doesn't matter where. I'm having to make up errands to run. Monday we went to Kid to Kid to get some shoes for the girls. On Tuesday, Sophi said "Let's go buy shoes!" "We bought shoes yesterday" "Let's go buy shoes AGAIN!" (She likes shoes "Honey, if this is because I spent $2000 on shoes last month, I am so sorry!"). So we didn't go buy shoes cause we didn't need them. Instead we went Winco for the first time ever, nice store, good prices! I think I'll make a spreadsheet for myself and compare the things I frequently buy between Winco, Walmart, and Costco. Wednesday we went to Whole Foods. They have little shopping cats there, that was cute.
I only went there to buy one thing, but had to get more to make it fair.
They also have a little "Whole Kids" thing after the checkout where kids can grab a healthy snack, I thought that was great. Today we went to my parent's house, cause I thought I shouldn't spend money every day this week. After picking tomatoes from their garden, we went in the basement and my girls got to play with the toys I used to play with as a child that are now vintage! Natalie liked this toy the most
It was super cute. Love your Elsa pajamas too!
These are actually Sophi's pjs that she got for her birthday, but Natalie has confiscated them. Much the same way that Wesley claimed owner ship of Ethan's superman pajamas years ago (and wore them for almost a year straight! That was back before I blogged, so no pictures or link to that...)
Yeah, vintage toys. Did I mention I'm going to be 40 next year? Pretty crazy this growing older thing.
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