Tuesday, October 27, 2015

3 Months Old

Owen is three months old today. 
He's smiling and laughing and grabbing stuff with his adorable little hands, I love his busy baby fingers!
I weighed him this morning - he's a big boy now - 15 pounds. He's just chunked right up since he started with the formula. I still feel a little sad that my body was too warn out to keep up with the milk demand. Thanks for your patience Owen, glad we were able to work things out. We had a rough start, but we're getting into the groove of things now.
The past 3 months with Owen sure went faster than the last 3 months of pregnancy. Not that I'm surprised by that fact, although the time warping phenomenon that pregnancy and babies bring about does fascinate me - I wish I could figure out how to harness those fleeting moments of life and how to fast forward through the slow and painful ones!
Happy 3 months Owen! We're all glad you're here!
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