Monday, October 19, 2015

Family Hand Art

Yesterday Abi went to her bff Brooke's house after church. Which means she wasn't home when Corey took kids over to his parent's house. Which means that when she got home she was moping around and pouting and feeling very sorry for herself. So sad, Abi is stuck home with nothing to do. So she asked if we could paint. And she asked again and again and finally I was ready to have her stop nagging me and got things ready for kids to paint (cause you know if one kid is painting, everyone wants to be painting! But it might work with the little girls gone, so we'll try) So I let her paint. The kids that were home painted clip boards for themselves (for an idea I have) and I got things ready to do a little art project that I've been thinking about for a long time ~ an attempt to put something on these walls. I got the older kids all done when Corey came back with his half of the children. So then it was time to do the little girls. Natalie's turn. They loved getting their hands painted on.
Once I was done with what I wanted I had to guard the art carefully and we had to do it over and over again on cardboard and other paper around. Then everyone was done except for our little almost 3 month old bundle of joy. I knew it would be a challenge to pry open those little baby fists. Joseph held Owen to help me. Okay Owen, open your hand! Trying to open a baby fist that is all slipper and wet with baby blue paint and trying to make one single handprint and not get paint on the rest of the page.... a bit tricky.
(Owen is going to be Superman for Halloween, and Ethan just can't resist not putting him in the outfit, it's just so cute)
Ok! I think that's a success! A few touch ups with white paint, but yeah, looks pretty good. good job everyone! Hands are - in order from left to right - Melodie, Lily, Abi Hyrum, Me, Owen, Corey, Wesley, Joseph, Natalie, Ethan, Sophi.
We did this on the back of our failed family art attempt from almost two years ago - (see last picture here) I called this our crap art, and we laughed at ourselves for how naive we were to think we could just whip out art like Aelita no problem, ha, She really does have talent. Us, not so much...
There is Abi's contemporary art on the left, then Wes, Hryum, Wes, and Mel's. We learned we need to let it dry before we just try and do it all. So I often buy old art with glass and frames at the thrift store and use those for my art experiments. And when the first and second attempts don't work, I try to find a way to keep reusing them - use it up, wear it out, make it do! So that fail from the photo above is visible from the back of our new family painting. 
So this one kinda works. Not sure where I'll put it, but here is a temporary holding place while I think about it. Pretty fun though, I like Owens little hand. Also, on each hand I put their initial and their age, cause I'm sure time will make us forget.
W 10 = Wesley, 10 years old. J 15 = Joseph, 15 years. N2 = Natalie - 2 years old. So that was our little Sabbath day Family History and Memory activity. The kids are pretty excited about, showing it to all their friends that came over today. I already gotta go wipe off the glass again from all their excited fingers pointing at it and putting their hands up to it again. Hope they don't knock it off the wall. If they do, well... that's why I do thrift store art. :)
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