Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Boys' Bedroom

For most of our time living in this house, we have had the kids split into two rooms: the boys' room and the girls' room. Up until July, the girls outnumbered the boys so they have got the bigger room. It is only slightly larger, but it's closet is a lot bigger. And lately the boys are the ones that are in need of more space for clothing. Hmm, what to do. These boys are getting bigger and things are getting kinda crowded in here.

At first I thought it would make the room seem larger if we swapped out the wood bunk beds for metal ones, but the boys weren't sure they wanted to give up their shelves. What to do...

They definitely need more closet space, and there is no room for a dresser, so I think we will have to split them up. So this weekend we started rearranging things again and the lego room is no more. We got a metal bunkbed to put in there and will figure out what to do with the wood bunks later. 
But usually after we rearrange, I feel bad that I didn't capture a before of "how it was" for them to look back on and remember. This time I did. Boys, this is how your room was in 2015. Joseph on the top bunk there with the big shelf. Wesley below him... (he's got his favorite stuffed animals there, cute. He's in 5th grade, but I don't mind him staying little for a little longer)
Ethan on the other top bunk - here is his space:
And Hyrum is below Ethan. Hyrum's bed is pretty short, he can't sit up straight under there, seems a little tight for this seventh grader.
So, I think I'll let the boys figure out among themselves who gets to go in the Lego room and we'll get a dresser for that room and free up the boys room closet, it will be okay for just two boys. Wesley has been declared the owner of the top bunk, and I think Ethan is getting the bottom bed which has a pro that it's a full size, not just a twin. Maybe we'll get another one of those and have them in both rooms so that there is something positive for the poor boys stuck on bottom. Up til now it's been older boys get top cause they are taller. We have 8 bunk beds now, one loft, a toddler bed, and a pack and play. So I think we're good for life, cause Joseph will be gone and on his mission or in college in another 3 years, and Owen will only be 3 by then, so the toddler bed will work fine. When I was voicing those thoughts as we planned and arranged, the kids were a little shocked to know that things are going to be changing pretty soon around here, and yes, children, 3 years is "soon" - that's going to go by so fast! It already has. We really need to enjoy the rest of this time with all our kids home and under one roof, I know it is fleeting.
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