Monday, October 5, 2015

Dr. Dyer's Class

About every year, Dr. Dyer, who was one of Corey's MBA teachers, asks Corey to come and give a lecture. The class is about strategic thinking. Corey loved his class and is always happy to come and share his strategizing experiences that he has had so far as he's been getting Movie Mouth off the ground. This year I thought I'd try to go listen, and we pulled it off. It was fun!
Lisa, our friend from Germany, (who has since moved to Provo) came and watched Natalie and Sophi at a McDonald's play place while I took Owen with me up to campus to listen.
Corey said in past years, students have asked him how he convinced his wife to go along with him and his shenanigans. It was the same this year, as we both answered some questions about how we have managed this crazy adventure in entrepreneurship and raised a family at the same time.

Dr. Dyer mentioned Corey and Movie Mouth in his book "Innovator's DNA" using Corey and Movie Mouth as an example of how innovators observe and learn from their environment. Plus Corey's also mentioned there in the acknowledgements cause he helped give some feedback as it was being written. Fun huh, it was Corey's first time being published.
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