Friday, October 23, 2015

Baby Avatar

Owen is going to be Superbaby for Halloween, but here is another character idea that I just had to try out while we were playing with Owen, (and cause I happened to have a washable blue marker in my hand... the little girls have been coloring a lot). What do you think - Owen, the last Airbender?
Joseph and Ethan were into Avatar back in 2006/07 when we were living in Virginia. It was a thing out there in his elementary school. Don't know if it was ever popular here in Utah. Ethan was also sharing an early childhood memory with us, about how when he was in elementary school, he'd carry a blue marker in his pocket all day and think about how much he just wanted to play Avatar, just waiting for school to end, oh the agony! Once he was safe on the bus, he'd signal to his brother and he and Hyrum would begin to draw arrows on their hands. I thought that was a really cute story.
So here is Owen, our little airbender. He makes a good Aang, he's such a baldy. Looks even more the part with his shirt off - getting ready for a bath so he can just be Owen again.
He's gotten so big and sometimes his head seems so round and large, I'd love to have him be Megamind, but I'd feel bad trying to get his whole face blue. But just an arrow down his forehead, I can let that slide.
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